Happy hams wanted
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Help me find a happy ham for Christmas!

I am hosting Christmas this year and my family has requested ham. Being the yuppie that I am, I would like to get a ham from pigs raised humanely, no factory farming, allowed to walk around, etc. However, I also want a nice juicy spiral-cut ham, the kind that is slightly sweet and not too salted or smokey.
I live in NYC but I am happy to order one online to get exactly what I want. I tried the flying pigs farm already and they don't really seem to have what I want. So, can you point me to a farm you know that would meet my needs and has a way of accepting mail orders, or a place in NYC that is not totally out-of-the-way and will have a good ham of this sort? For reference, this place online looks pretty good. Thanks!
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I would try whichever Greenmarket is closest to you.
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Have you tried calling around to some of the nicer local butcher shops around town? Dickson's in the Chelsea Market? The Meat Hook?
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I looked at Dickson's and they didn't have anything. Haven't tried The Meat Hook yet, don't really want to schlep out to Williamsburg but I should probably at least give them a call.
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Maybe try calling someone at Dickson's and asking? They do some smoking in-house, so they might be able to do something special-order for you. Might also be worth asking if they can refer you to someone else. What about Marlow & Daughters?

Oh, and Fleisher's Grass-fed & Organic Meats delivers to NYC now, BTW.
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