I don't have dentures but do I need denture cleaner?
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What's the best way to clean a nighttime bite guard?

I use a custom bite guard from my dentist to prevent me clenching/grinding my teeth down to little nubs. After every use, I brush it, and I brush it again before I go to bed, but it still gets all white and crusty about every 6-7 months; the dentist cleans it, but it doesn't get all the crustiness off.

I was thinking of using something like a denture cleaner to soak it in, but I don't know if that will damage it - does anybody know a good way to get and keep my clear plastic bite guard clean?
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My dentist told me that denture cleaner is fine -- works for retainers too.
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My brother uses denture cleaner on his retainer regularly (or did; I'm not sure if he still wears it), and he's never had a problem. Your dentist could probably confirm this if you give his/her office a call.
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I had a severe case of TMJ and had both a night guard and a day guard (same principle, just went over the bottom teeth as opposed to the top for less interference with my speech). I too was told to soak them in denture cleaner every day. I can't recall how long I soaked them for however. I don't know if it was due to the fact that I was basically wearing a guard 24/7 (except for eating and brushing my teeth of course), but I was also told that I should have my teeth cleaned every 3 months as opposed to every 6 as wearing the guard might make you more prone towards building up plaque.
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My dentist told me *not* to brush mine - apparently brushing creates little tiny cracks and grooves on the biteguard, which allows crud to get in there and discolors it. Apparently I am just supposed to rinse it thoroughly. My first nightguard, which I brushed, did indeed get grungy. I'm 9 months into my second, and it seems to be staying cleaner.

Denture cleaner is also good. Take it with you to the dentist when you go for your cleaning - the dental hygienist will put it into the vibrator water cleaning gizmo.
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I think it might depend on the type of material that your bite guard is made of.

My first bite guard was solid and I could use denture cleaner on it or wash it in hot water without any problems.

My newer bite guard has a solid outer layer but a softer, silicone-type inner layer that makes contact with my upper teeth. The instructions that came with this one specifically state that I shouldn't use denture cleaner or soak it in hot water.

Asking your dentist is probably your best bet.
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Denture cleanser: I have used for years. works fine. No need to brush.
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My dentist encourages me to come by the office whenever I want my guard really cleaned, even if I don't have an appointment. Ask your dentist if you could do that too.

And nthing the denture cleaner.
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I use denture cleaner too. My retainer is made out of soft-ish, slightly opaque plastic, and the denture cleaner turned it yellow. My night guard (NTI device) is clear and made out of harder plastic and it hasn't done that.
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I just use a mild soap and water and then rinse it really well.
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My old nightguard was hard plastic, and I soaked it in denture cleaner once and the next day it cracked. Perhaps these two things are unrelated, but I am too scared of it happening again to use denture cleaner with the newer (softer) one. Instead, I soak it in water and Listerine all day, at a ratio of about 3:1.
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I didn't have a full fledged mouth guard for clenching, but I did have a plastic retainer that used to get pretty nasty looking even though I brushed it. I had some luck when I would sprinkle baking soda on it and then soaking it in hot water, then giving it a brush and rinse with mouthwash.
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I usually soak mine in mouthwash, then use the denture cleaner on it. The mouthwash will give it a slight blue color (or other mouthwash color), but it goes away fast.
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Polident, the denture-cleaner-maker, sells tabs of cleaner specifically for retainers and night guards, I've used it a few times and it definitely worked well. You basically soak the "appliance" in the warm water with the tablet, brush it clean, then rinse with tap water. Minty-fresh.
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My night guard is made of hard clear plastic (needs to be put in hot water to soften up before putting it in). The last one I had (made of the same stuff) I brushed diligently with regular toothpaste + toothbrush. It got stained and dingy pretty fast and I could not make it look good no matter what.

The last time I got a new night guard, I asked my dentist if I could brush it with something else and she recommended this stuff (Polident Foaming Denture Cleanser). Months later, it still looks brand-new.

I've never had such a nice-looking night guard. For what that's worth.
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Mine is also clear hard plastic. My dentist told me to store it in clean water if I was not soaking it in denture cleaner. It's not supposed to dry out completely.
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i use denture cleaner. sometimes i soak it in listerine and then give it a good rinse.
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I noticed that when I used some fancy Aquafresh toothpaste that had orange "ribbons" in it, my bite guard got tinged orange. So I would assume that they soak up some of your toothpaste and it's hard to get it all off. Efferdent is your friend.
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