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Looking for a website to help me, a late thirties male, who wants to get in shape. Not obese by any stretch of the imagination, but not as slim and trim as he and his doctor feels he should be. BMI of about 26. I know the general range I tend to feel best at and in that range I do tend to fall into the healthy BMI range. I’m more concerned with feeling good than with being at the exact right weight to get to the right BMI for my height and age. I want to lose a little weight, trim up, look better, abs of steel, ass to match, etc.

A silly pushups contest here in the office has spurred me on to wanting more. We’re halfway through an eight week contest, I’m in third place and I can do more consecutive pushups than I have ever been able to do at any previous stage of my life.

I want a website at which I can track all of my exercise and fitness related numbers. I looked at WeEndure. I like it a lot, but find it limited (can’t track my pushups, weights or even my body weight for that matter.) Livestrong seems too “mainstream” (or is there something I don’t know from looking the site over?) So, what I want is a MetaFitness; Something fun, flexible, challenging, snarky at the right moments, possibly downright rude at times. What are you MeFites using? The ability to easily use it with iPhone or even another smartphone in the future would be a very nice feature.

So, what have you?
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I lost about 30 pounds using The Daily Plate on, which has an associated iPhone app. It's not perfect, but it does let you track calories and exercise. Very useful. And it's free.
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If you're looking for an iphone app, check out "lose it" -- online, you might be interested in
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Check out the iPhone app Lose It!
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I can second

I'm not a huge fan of their meals plans but that is ONLY because my wife is chinese and we eat alot of homemade asian food ... most of which aren't in the database even if I knew what to call it. However, we do use it to track the individual items in each meal and it has been invaluable to keep me on track dropping weight. Having that feedback everyday about my intake is terrific.

After that, much as I hate to say it ... if you're working out at home do P90X. We do the weight-workouts and instead of doing their cardio we run (HIIT) but it's a great home program and works. At least for us.

If you're hitting the gym, ask a local gym-rat or trainer. Either way you need to do weights and watch what you eat for the results you want.
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Response by poster: I have LoseIt! on my iPhone. I like it but tend to find it tedious (I tend to find most data entry on the iPhone to be tedious.) I prefer to use a laptop, but will use the iPhone or other smartphone due to convenience. I also have it in my head that i might switch from iPhone after the next iteration is released. I'm really looking for online community as well (intelligent, sharp, witty people that just happen to want to get fit too.) The ability to export my numbers into a spreadsheet if I so desire would be nice.

Sorry all of this wasn't in the original post, but the responses have made me think a little more about what I want or need.
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I want to lose a little weight, trim up, look better, abs of steel, ass to match, etc.

Keep in mind that if your aim is to develop muscle, that might actually contradict your goal of lowering your BMI, as muscle weighs more than fat.
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Response by poster: I think I talked too much about BMI as I'm not so concernwed with BMI as I am getting to a weight/and or overall fitness state at which I just feel better and have more energy.

Also, to be clear, I do know that to achieve these goals i will have to watch what/how I eat and exercise. I realize both components are required for my goal.
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Whoops, sorry, see you said you're not too concerned with BMI now. Apologies for missing that.
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If you are looking for a community, definitely check out sparkpeople. There are a lot of different groups arranged around all kinds of interests and topics. And the site includes lots of tools and motivators, if that is something that helps you keep going.
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1. Give up beer and soft drinks.
2. Don't eat anything white (rice, bread, pasta, potatoes) except as a weekly treat.
3. Make sure at least half your plate is vegetables.
4. Do something that makes you sweat every day.
5. Make yourself a spreadsheet; record and graph the 7 day rolling average of your weight every morning before breakfast.
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Also, steer clear of processed foods as much as possible.
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Fwiw. Since a month ago, I'm on a regiment of brisk walking (to+from work. 2x 25 minutes a day), more olive oil and less butter, alcohol reduction (1 beer a week instead of a beer a day), a yoga sequence every day; all this for weight reduction and blood pressure control. The results, while not shocking by any means, were instantaneous: blood pressure dropped from pretty high to almost normal within 3 weeks, and I lost about 22 pound in the same time, feeling overall more energetic.
I also stay away from pasta+potatoes, while not (repeat: not) subscribing to a rigid low-carb routine: honey is okay, as well as my own wholemeal spelt bread (but not too much), and yum, homemade oatcakes with olive oil (instead of the traditional lard).
Of course no soft drinks. Dark chocolate, yes, any time, unrestricted.
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For tracking, I'd recommend FitDay, though I will admit I use that more for tracking my diet than anything else.

As for exercising, I personally found that varying the exercise daily keeps things fun. I cam across BodyFitBurn recently and actually enjoy the emails. Beyond that, SimpleFit is cool too for very basic and quick workouts.

Here's another comment I had on the subject of keeping workouts simple and getting decent gain for your effort
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Can't reccomend couch to 5k enough. I found it a great basis for getting my core fitness up to a level where I could do other things. Really excellent - particulalry with the podcasts.
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These are not at all what you asked for, but they may help you out nonetheless.
The Hacker's Diet

the shovel glove workout
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Seconding The Daily Plate / Livestrong - it's not "snarky" but it's a great tool. For motivation, many seem to like SparkPeople but I prefer the tools on the daily plate vs. the commentary / motivational info on SparkPeople.

When I enter my calories on "my plate" consistently, I lose weight.
When I forget to enter my calories consistently, I gain weight.

They also have exercise entry and calculate the calories expended based on your gender, age, and weight.

The best part is that they allow users to enter recipes and new foods (though now you need to scan or photograph the label too) so they have the biggest food database (much bigger than fitday or sparkpeople)

I'll also second Contrarian's recommendation of The Hacker's Diet - great beginning point and straightforward information.
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Response by poster: I'll look into a few of these solutions. I have a few ideas to compliment these and get what I want. I think because of the number of people that have favorited this question I'll come back here in a month and mark the best answers and provide commentary. See you then.
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