Where oh where can this be?
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I was wondering if there was anywhere I could find Lou Barlow and Bob Mould singing an acoustic version of "Believe what you're Saying"..

I saw this on 120 minutes a long time ago and never forgot it. I tried google and youtube but didn't find it anywhere! Thanks!
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I don't have an answer for you, but I'll be watching any thread that develops. That is one of my all-time favorite songs.
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Best answer: My apologies if you already know this, but there was a CD called Not For Sale (cover) that was just made for radio stations. Here are the details from the Husker Du annotated discography.

Artist: Various (Bob Mould/Lou Barlow)
Title: Not For Sale
Format: Compilation CD
Label: Advanced Alternative Media
Catalog Number: AAM 001
Date Recorded: 01 Sep 1994
Release Date: Apr 1995
Notes: Only 1000 made. Released only to selected radio stations. Recorded for MTV 120 Minutes program.
Contents: Believe What You're Saying 3:52

Other people are definitely looking for this as well since there's some Jeff Buckley track on it as well. Here's the track list in case you're curious.

Track Listing:
1. Stuntman - Chickens Don't Have Fingers
2. Gwen Mars - Cosmic Dick
3. Bob Mould and Lou Barlow - Believe What You're Saying
4. Jeff Buckley - Lost Highway
5. All - Away She Went
6. Mary Lou Lord - Cinderella Backstreet
7. Juned - Dislike
8. Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies - Ride the Tide (acoustic) [with John Popper]
9. Magnapop - Pretty Awful (Demo)
10. Indigo Girls - Down By the River (Live)
11. Sage - Compadre
12. Lords of Acid - Wet Dream
13. Biohazard - Falling
14. Morphine - Free Love
15. The Melvins - At a Crawl
16. Blueberrie Spy - Tomorrow
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This guy has one. (Note: GEMM can be very flaky about actual stock.)
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Best answer: Well, buying the thing from GEMM seems to be an answer. My order's in, if I get it I'll send MeFiMail to all y'all and send out MP3s.

Funny, I sat next to Jeff Buckley and his GF Joan at a wedding once, and Bob Mould came on to me before a show once. Deep Karma Canyon.
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(I'll take an MP3 of that Mary Lou Lord track, too. I used to love watching her do "Cinderella Backstreet" on Newbury St.)
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I have a tape of Sugar called Besides. It has an acoustic version on it but it isn't live. It's called the campfire mix. Not sure if that's what you want.
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Nope, Foam, that's just the album version with Bob's vocal and guitar tracks soloed.
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I am interested in an mp3 of this track, please.
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Me, too, please?

(So many good Minnesota music posts on MetaFilter! So happy!)
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Response by poster: Thanks Jessamyn!
If you get it in Nicwolff, it would be super awesome to have mp3's!
Thank you everyone.
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It came in the mail today, and I have MeFiMailed all of you who expressed interest.
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