What's this plastic garbage called, and can I replace it and not the whole door?
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I'm moving out of a house I'd rented, and my dogs at one point had eaten the plastic "trim" pieces that are on the outside of the back door, which is your average metal-framed swinging with a big full-length dual-paned glass window. the damage isn't really to the door or the glass; it's to this stupid plastic trim that's around and within the glass that makes up a grid of squares. I don't know what this trim is called. Bonus question: Can I just replace the trim and not the door? Home Depot was, unsurprisingly, unhelpful.
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Wood trim is usually much easier and cheaper to find. I would match the size as closely as possible, replace with the new, wood trim (adhere with construction adhesive) and give the whole door a nice new paint job. Will take a few hours but would be pretty cheap and should leave the door as good as new.
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"Muntins" is the more commonly used word in the US building trades. There's some DIY tips here.
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Sorry, posted too soon: I believe the UK English usage for the same thingie is "glazing bar."
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Contact the manufacturer of the door directly, that'd count as your best shot.

Just the grillework should cost you a pittance; As the next step up, you can likely get the entire window portion replaced, including grilles, for not too much ($50-$100).

Finally, as a last resort, if you can cleanly score the remaining plastic clean, your landlord might well not even notice it missing.
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Very cool!! I've never heard the term 'muntins' but there is a definite difference. Mullions are vertical, I stand corrected. Learn something new everyday! Thanks Sidhedevil!!
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You're going to have a tough time finding just the trim piece, as it comes as an assembly with the window - it's actually what holds the window in.

You could try a local used building material store, they might have something in stock.
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From Sidhedevil's link: "Many newer windows are uninterrupted sheets of glass with a decorative plastic grid that mimics muntins. The grid is either snapped on the surface of the glass — and removes for easy cleaning — or is sandwiched between the panes of glass in glazed windows."

If this is what I'm thinking it is, it is purely decorative. However, there may be some putty at the edges which does hold the glass in. Be careful not to strip that and if you do, you could re-putty and just do the edge trim.

In fact, what I would do would be to call a window installer in your area. If you can figure out what brand of window/door you have (look on the part of the door that hinges to the jamb or above the lockset) call up a window installer and pose your question. They'll know best what to do and where to get your trim piece. If the first place can't answer your question call another and say, "Your buds over at Windows-R-Us couldn't answer this for me, hoping you guys can...."
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