Upscale eats in Seoul?
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A nice place to eat in Seoul? Maybe between $100-200 for 2 people?

I'm looking for a nice place to take my wife in Seoul. So far, our adventures outside of the world of Samgyupsal, Gimbap joints and mystery soups have been underwhelming. Cuisine doesn't matter.

Both Le Saint Ex and Mignon Terrace in Itaewon were underwhelming, especially at the price they commanded. Looking for someplace kind of quiet, upscale and nice.

Suggestions? I'm lost. We're good at holes-in-the-wall and we ate well when we lived in New York, but when it comes to something more than street food in Seoul, I'm lost.
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Best answer: Try Star Chef, a fusion place. I think it's in Gangnam. Reviews here from Seoul Eats and ZenKimchi, which are good blogs to find other suggestions. I haven't been yet, but it's the place I've heard most consistently recommended for fine dining.
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Have you been to Pradia, on the Han River? Price-wise, it'll be in your budget. (Wealthy) students of mine say good things about it, though I've never gone ($20/plate is as much as I'm willing to pay for food in Korea).
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Another blog to peruse is Vegetarian in Korea ( - lots of ideas there as well.

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//Great eats there as well
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Response by poster: I finally made it to Star Chef. Exactly what I was looking for- Upscale eats and one of the few truly, I don't know, GREAT restaurants in Seoul. Don't get me wrong, Korean food is pretty amazing across the board, I just wanted something with a little technique and sophistication and Star Chef hit the mark. Highly recommended.

Chef Meili in Itaweon was also pretty good. I felt like everything could have used a little more TLC, but it was near the mark.
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Seoul Eats is a good resource for finding restaurants, but I find the reviewer to be far more generous in many of his reviews than I would have been. That said, when he disses something, he's absolutely spot on.

If you're going for fancy Korean, try Baru near Jogye-sa temple or Sanchon in Insadong.
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