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I'm looking for advice on getting a custom engagement ring made in Orlando on a budget.

So I'm starting with next to no knowledge of jewelry shopping, but I want to work with a jeweler to make a custom engagement ring. I'd like to make a narrow band of white gold, with a particular engraved or molded design which I can roughly sketch, and set with a round-cut sapphire of about 1ct/6mm (I'm happy to go lab-created to save money). I want it to be similar in feel to a particular one she's pointed out online that she really likes, but obviously not the same as it.

Is one to two thousand dollars a reasonable price range for this project? Is 6 weeks a reasonable time span to get this done in? Assume I'll be able to visit the shop conveniently. I'd also appreciate general advice/experiences with custom jewelry shopping on a budget. And most importantly (since I'm feeling adrift), does anyone have a recommendation for an independent jeweler around the Orlando/Central Florida area or advice on finding one?

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FWIW 5 years ago I got a custom designed engagement ring in a classic triple-setting with two sapphire side stone for around $1,000. That price included the sapphires, which we bought direct from the jeweller (we provided the centre stone separately.)

This handmade ring is $1450 with a .85ct fairly traded natural stone. This store is selling a conflict-free 1.27ct sapphire in a daimond pave setting for $825, so I think your budget is fine.
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My partner will probably weigh in here and expand on my answer, but my simple engagement ring (thin band, tapered in at the stone, solitaire) took a week to make at a custom jeweler who does all the work onsite (didn't have to send away the ring to be made elsewhere).
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Since my husband loses wedding rings with startling regularity, we bought our latest pair at a jeweler's shop in Albuquerque for about $200 each, and saved a ton of money by buying Sterling silver instead of gold. We get them refinished for about $30 every few years and they look great. (Well, mine looks great. Who knows where his is.) I'm not suggesting that if you want white gold you shouldn't get it, just telling you that we skipped it and haven't minded at all. (Money went to trip to France for three weeks instead. Glad for the memories of the trip, instead of memories of his missing wedding ring(s).)
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