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San Francisco Bay Area: Looking for new running routes/paths in the Bay Area again...but this time, I have a car!

I got some great answers last time I asked about San Francisco running routes. Now I've found a new running partner and we have access to a car, which vastly expands our running possibilities to other parts of the Bay Area & places public transit does not reach.

Any suggestions for new ideas? We're looking for places within roughly a 45 minute drive of San Francisco. We're interested in everything from something like the Berkeley or Peninsula equivalent of Crissy Field to places like Sawyer Camp Trail (paved flat sort-of hiking path) to other paths in various suburbs. Routes in SF/Berkeley/elsewhere that are less obvious/not public-transit-accessible are also great.

Other criteria: we're looking mostly for routes between 5-14 miles. I'm much less hill-adverse I used to be, but moderate/easy/occasional hills are more our speed, rather than super-intense grade the entire time. Neither of us do trail running.

(Here's where I run already:
-Embarcadero/ATT Park/Fisherman's Wharf
-Powell/Embarcadero/Columbus/Montgomery loop
-the Wiggle/panhandle
-Golden Gate Park
-Ocean Beach/Great Highway
-Kezar track
-Crissy Field
-Lake Merced)

Thank you, hive mind!
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Nimitz Way in Tilden Park, Berkeley
Moraga Trail
Pinole Regional Park
Alameda Creek Trail
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I highly recommend the Baylands in Palo Alto. You can get all kinds of different length routes by altering your path and work in some fun bird watching while you are at it.
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The Dish (and the rest of the runs on the Stanford page). Also, try going up and over Twin Peaks via Clarendon, it's amazing in the fog - there's a ton of trails both in the medical campus on the west side of Clarendon as well as through the Midtown Terrace neighborhood on the east side. Up 17th to Clarendon to UCSF and then down through the Inner Sunset - Panhandle is nice.
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Fort Baker, just on the North side of the Golden Gate. (bay side). Cool breeze, fantastic view, and (as of the time I left the area years ago) almost always feels like you have the whole place to yourself.
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Thanks for the suggestions! These are exactly what I'm looking for, and I can't wait to try them out!
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