Black cats and blue icing
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Black cats and blue food dye - oh no!!

I made a cake for a party this evening, and whipped up this awesome butter and creame cheese flavoured blue coloured icing.

After decorating the cake and putting it safely away, I was distracted by a phone call before I could wash the icing bowl. During the next twenty minutes or so both of our two cats helped themselves, licking wide swathes of the bowl clean.

I came back into the kitchen and caught both at it. They promptly scattered, so I'm not sure if one pigged out but definitely both were enjoying the icing, and about one third of the bowl had been licked at.

Blue food colouring, ok for us, should be ok for cats, yes? Cats don't seem too bothered, and in fact were begging for more when I put the bowl away.

Now seem to be sleeping it off, but should we be concerned?
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Pet Poison Control. Food Coloring does not appear on the Top 10 List of food to avoid feeding your pets . . but a lot of anything might lead to upset tummies.
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You will have some seriously Lovecraftian stuff in the litter box later, but no harm done. Unless you feed them hippie cat food, they eat large quantities of yellow and red food coloring already.
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They'll be fine, and don't worry if they pee blue for a while.
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i dyed my cat blue one year, and she took no harm from it.
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Blue food coloring was in the news recently, but not for causing ill in animals - actually, the opposite.
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I think the butter and cheese may make the litter box more scary than the blue dye. If the dye is not on any danger lists, don't worry about it.
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@restless_nomad: Pictures please!
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Lovecraftian Cat.

I'm guessing by now you know if the cats survived. I would have banked on them getting sick.

And I was so hoping this was going to be a "Does anyone know if the cake is still OK to eat?" question.
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