Getting my OS X calculator back into the Dashboard
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In OS X Snow Leopard, my calculator has escaped from the Dashboard and is always on my screen, and always on top. How can I send it back to the Dashboard?

It's definitely the Dashboard widget calculator, and not another calculator - it's the same orange design, and definitely not the normal OS X standalone calculator. But, rather than being in the Dashboard, it's on the normal screen! It's been like this for all of today, but not before. I can't remember if I had the calculator on the Dashboard before today, but it's not there now.

ps -A shows three DashboardClient processes running - when I kill them, they restart (but any number displayed in the calculator is reset to 0). The calculator comes back after a reboot, too.

It doesn't appear as an option to Force Quit; when I select it the menu bar remains on the last selected application; displaying and hiding Dashboard with F12 shows and hides my other widgets, but has no effect on the calculator; there's no obvious way of closing it.

How can I get rid of it?
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Try clicking on the widget, holding the mouse button, like you were about to drag it around. Then press F12 to bring up the Dashboard and move it back.

If it doesn't work - try to disable dashboard dev mode by typing the following into terminal:

sudo defaults write devmode NO

Reboot / log out to complete it.
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That's done it! Thank you!
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