Good cup of coffee and a damn fine cherry pie
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If I bake a cherry pie today, will it still be at its best tomorrow night?

Heading out of town to a Twin Peaks themed birthday party. I've been asked to bake a pie so have naturally decided on cherry. I've never made or eaten one before.

If I bake it today will it still be in optimal condition tomorrow evening? Or should I wait till tomorrow and do it at the party location. A kitchen will be available, I'd just rather get it out of the way today.

Bonus questions, should I blind bake the crust?
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(1) Cherry pie can be covered, uncovered, or with some kind of lattice top. I'm pretty sure those in Twin Peaks were covered.

(2) I don't think you can blind-bake a covered pie (cuz you're supposed to fold the top crust over the bottom crust in order to "seal" the pie, and to make a nice pinched edge)

(3) The pie will be fine tomorrow, possibly even better, since the filling will have had time to set. Fruit pies are runny when they're first made and require a few hours to set. This is because you're thickening the fruit juice with some kind of starch (often potato or corn), which are heat activated, but which need to be cold to actually set.

(4) Make sure you compare a few recipes to make sure you get the right proportion of starch to fruit. If you have to little starch your fruit juice will never set and your pie crust might get soggy.

Cherry pie is really good. Enjoy!
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It'll be fine either way ... but ...

Or should I wait till tomorrow and do it at the party location.

The pie will need time to fully cool for the filling to set. Otherwise, if you cut it open hot and un-set, it'll spill everywhere on the plate and not look as appealing as it could.
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The pie will be just as delicious tomorrow. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!

If you decide to make it before the party, it needs 1-2 hours for the juices to set.
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Yes, you can bake a cherry pie now, Darling Billy, and have it be just as good tomorrow. The filling will be more set. But it's important that the filling sets or you will have a soggy pie, as noted above.
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Helpful hint: You only blind bake a crust where the filling itself doesn't need to be baked (or where the filling needs to set in a fridge instead of in the oven). So custard pies, etc.
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Awesome answers. Thanks!
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