Discount therapy?
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I need a prescription for meds for depression in central/western Florida. And therapy, if that's possible, but it's mostly for the meds.

I'm asking for a friend who has no insurance. Therapy isn't absolutely necessary (but is preferred). Is there some search engine or a way to locate a less expensive therapist who works on a sliding scale?

I understand it's possible to get a prescription from a regular doctor for something like Zoloft, is that avenue worth pursuing?

Throwaway email is Thanks!
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A local university could be a good place to get sliding scale rates for therapy even for non-students. Your friend would probably see a qualified grad student but they would have an associated psychiatrist who could prescribe meds.

If your friend has procrastinated or resisted treatment at all, getting a prescription from a primary care physician may be the easiest way to get started.
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Starting with a primary care physician is a good way to go. MDs and DOs can prescribe the full gamut of psych meds. This clinic in Central Florida has a sliding scale for uninsured You could call there and ask about a closer clinic and low cost therapy. You should be able to google this sort of thing.
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