Best Cobbler in Victoria BC?
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Who is the best cobbler in Victoria BC? I have a pair of Black Spot Unswooshers that I like the look of, but are falling apart prematurely. The seam along the top of the toe is starting to come apart, and I'd like to have a cobbler fix them before the tear goes too far. Can anyone recommend a skilled Cobbler in Victoria BC? I'd like the repair to be as inconspicuous as possible.
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He's not in BC, but in Seattle (fairly close): Dave Page does a great job, and last I checked you can mail him the item to be repaired.
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I would call Viberg and ask who they recomend.
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I'm not 100% if he'd be able to do what you're asking but I've heard good things about the shoe repair store on Johnson St (between Douglas and Broad) on the same side as Blenz Coffee (no thank you!), the comic book store, etc.
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