Getting another copy of the receipt
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My PS3 died out of warranty, but still under the extended purchase protection of my credit card. Only problem is to make the claim I need the receipt which I lost. I called the store where I bought it (EB Games in Canada) asking if they could print me a new receipt and they said that they would but the credit card purchase log only goes back a couple months at their store. Is there any law about being able to get another copy of the receipt? Maybe if I called their corporate HQ armed with such information?
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How about your credit card statement with that charge on it? Are they looking for a transaction number?
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Yeah. Agree with bunny hugger. All my CC statements are on my bank's website. You can find the transaction there. It may not have the specific item, but it will show how much you spent, etc? Not sure though.
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The one time I used my extended purchase protection with American Express they didn't ask to see a receipt. They wanted the transaction number which was easy to find on the online statement, and that was it. They essentially took my word for it and credited my account. It was a $200ish dollar charge too, not quite a PS3 but not pocket change either.
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I have the CC statement. It just shows that $500 was charged to EB Games. It doesn't say what the money was spent on. I spoke on the phone with the insurance company that my CC deals with when I initially went to make the claim. They need the receipt.
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So EB's financial records only go back 2 months?!? How do they do their taxes and quarterly yearly financials then? Verizon told me the same thing when I was asking for a credit for a mistake on my bill and after I called them on it they "spoke to the supervisor" and went ahead with my request. I suspect if you press them further they may "remember" how to access old records.
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OK I talked to them again and this time I got a bit more of a promising response. I have to go into the store on Monday and they will call HQ and see if they can get me another copy of the receipt. I will post in here with the results.
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The insurance company naturally wants to put a lid on the number of times it pays out. That is why there is a draconian policy about having the receipt. If you don't have it your options may be limited. This is why they can offer extended purchase plans -- very few customers are logistically able to take advantage, assuming they even remember.

The store would certainly not be obligated to supply you with another at this late date.
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Like COD, I simply called up AMEX and gave them the month of the transaction, they found it and refunded it over the phone. No forms, no mess.
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Well I was unsuccessful. There's always that possibility that if I just spoke to the right person I could have gotten somewhere, but at least they are going to give me $110 in trade in on my dead PS3 toward a new Slim. Yay?
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