What Bay Area stores carry the Dell Adamo?
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Where can I see a Dell Adamo (not the new XPS, but the one that was released last year) in person, in the San Francisco Bay Area? Frys doesn't seem to carry it, and I don't know who else would. I'm considering buying one, and want to handle it and check out the keyboard, weight, etc., in person, before making a decision. Thanks for any help you can provide :-)
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Dell equipment retails at Best Buy and Walmart. Best Buy's website has a "Check Availability" option if you enter your zip code.
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I got my Dell (Studio) laptop at the Best Buy on Harrison Street; I was surprised at how helpful they were -- letting me try it out, explaining its features, etc. -- without being pushy. Came away with a very good impression of the place, and have been very happy with my laptop.
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