Internet radio that's great for a intense work project
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I'd like some suggestions for Internet radio that are slightly mainstream and also go back to the 70s/80s/90s.

Right now I am going some very intensive research/writing work, hours and hours a day. There is some absolutely fantastic stuff in this thread but I have some problems with many of the recommendations. Those sites either (1) get into very avant-garde or experimental areas either give me too little stimulation or too much, or (2) have too much talk, chitchat, and drift.

More importantly I love the music of the late 60s/70s/80s/90s and it is imperative for me to hear some of it.... some odd song I haven't heard in years can trigger memories and keep me going for another hour. The problem there is that (1) there is often an affinity for the Top 10 of the era (god, if I have to hear Heart And Soul one more time) and (2) a lot of slow stuff is thrown in that really slows me down (Loving You, etc), which doesn't go well with an intense workflow.

What has worked for me so far? Radio Nigel is simply awesome for British new wave; lots of energy but it's a pretty narrow spectrum of 80s rock and The Smiths seem to come on every 20 minutes. I love Radio Paradise for the incredible quality and variety, but sometimes the selections get so slow-paced that I have to go to some other site. WeFunk is good but it gets into tons of hip-hop and rhyming, which because of the heavy verbal content distracts my concentration (beats, bass, and brass are better). I also know about Soma FM but that doesn't seem to go into the 60s/70s/80s/90s (or maybe I'm not on the right channels). I've also played with but the selections are too narrow and it plays a whole litany of slow stuff and overplayed hits from that band and related ones.

My intent here is not to be too picky, as I'll give anything a fair try, but I'm just trying to express myself clearly and maybe find other MeFites who use music the same way I do. Perhaps I'm looking for a kind of Jack FM on the Internet that's run by people who love what they do.
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Response by poster: Typo: Right now I am going == Right now I am doing
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There might be some stuff for you at
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Have you tried Pandora? It's almost cliché to suggest it these days, but it offers the sort of control it sounds like you're looking for.
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I like listen to RadioHab when I need to put a ton of hours in on the PC.
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A little too swanky for me sometimes, but other times just right: KCRW.
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every thursday morning at 0700 seattle time, KNHC has a show called "save the wave" that is a couple of hours of *fabulous* 80's new wave mix. I think they've got a 90's show as well, and their basic format is dance music.
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I listen to a lot of Absolute Radio, because they'll throw really great 70s and 80s songs in with current stuff.
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