Where can I find Mother's Cookies (or something similar) in New York?
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Where can I find Mother's Cookies (or something similar) in New York?

There used to be a brand of cookies called Mother's Cookies, and their most famous cookies were the Circus Animal ones. The company went bankrupt but was purchased by Kellogg's soon after, and production has resumed - but the cookies are only being sold on the west coast.

While in LA with my girlfriend recently, we found the cookies on sale and bought two bags. But we're at home in NYC, and the cookies can't be found here. I've checked pretty much all of the grocery stores I can think of, to no avail.

Does anyone know where I can get these here? As an alternative, are there any cookies on the market that are similar to Mother's that are readily available?
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At least one Amazon Marketplace seller has them.
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As I said in that thread, there's a Keebler's version that I've found in NYC stores that is pretty close.
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I've seen some Mother's Cookies-type cookies sold in the babies section of the Toys R Us in Times Square. Really random, I know, and I really can't attest for any other places where it might be sold (including other Toys R Uses) or if it's even the true Mother's Cookies.
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