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Ireland travelers: Anyone have success using Ireland's local taxi services to travel distance of about 50 miles to save time and enjoy a different journey? Is it a doable thing or is the Irish cost structure just too high to permit that as an option?
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I imagine that would be terribly expensive. Why not take a coach/bus?
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Absolutely you can, yes. But infodiva makes a good point - it's likely to be expensive. I imagine it would also depend on where you're leaving from - 50 miles from Limerick has me guessing Galway, but I could be wrong. You may want to call one of the local taxi firms to see if they'll do some sort of deal to get you there. I've done similar, but that was decades ago, and I have an Irish accent. If you have a foreign accent (particularly American) the price will no doubt go up.
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I grew up in Ireland and go back to visit every year. Taxi's are mostly a "home from the pub" mode of transport (at least in my home town) so I think it would be pretty expensive and out of the ordinary to take one 50 miles. The intercity bus or train service is pretty good, its comfortable and almost as fast a private car. That's what the locals would use.
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Not knowing your age, inclination ot other pertinent information--it would be much less expensive to rent a car for a day. Coaches/buses are convenient and accessible . A taxi will be quite expensive. Don't be thrown by the driving on the "other side" of the road. That is part of the fun and there are so many visual cues that I seriously doubt if you will have many problems. I am assuming the travel is rural and not one of the major cities.
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