Elusive jigsaw puzzle - Mad Magazine related?
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Seeking old jigsaw type puzzle from my childhood. Possibly Mad magazine related, or drawn by Al Jaffee... slim details inside.

When I was a kid I had this puzzle. It was a small one, perhaps 5x7 inches or so when complete. Each piece was a strange character, and it was accompanied by a poem that gave clues as to how they all fit together. One piece was either Alfred E. Neuman's face or a face very similar to his. Other pieces included a cartoony type white dog with one arm held high, a woman in heels, a desk cluttered with several things, a seemingly drunk man with a party hat (I think he was reclining, with legs sprawled, on the floor at the bottom of the puzzle), a red telephone, and various other people/cartoon-ish animals. I lost it some years back. It's been nagging at me over the last year or so, but my google fu is failing me. I expect my search terms are too broad (mad magazine jigsaw, mad magazine puzzle). I've tried doing some searches on ebay but come up empty. We kept it in a plastic box, but I can't guarantee its the box it was sold in - it was just a non-descript little box that it happened to fit in, and we kept the poem folded inside with the pieces. The pieces were cardboard - not prime jigsaw puzzle material, but not paper, and it didn't seem thin enough to be a bonus Mad Magazine insert.

I was born in '73, but had older siblings/step-siblings and my older brother collected Mad Magazine for some years. From what I remember of the artwork (the pieces I remember, I remember vividly) it was probably put out in the mid to late 70's or early 80's.

I suspect I'm out of luck, but generally I don't give up without trying the hive mind. Also - is there a name for a jigsaw puzzle where each piece consists of a character or item, or are they all just... "Puzzles"?
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I had a bunch of "character" jigsaws when I was a kid (early 70s) but they weren't Mad Magazine related. Good news is that I have some still and can go check them out and post some pictures when I get home.
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I'm pretty sure you're talking about Jumble-Fits Puzzle #2 "Figments". Sorry about the glare.

It just happened to be in a box of stuff that my parents gave me this year.
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Best answer: If not, it might be listed here: http://www.azplerp.com/
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Best answer: Shoot. I just took the picture. I have 5 of these and will hopefully post images of them all.
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Response by poster: Oh wow. The Jumble-Fits is SO CLOSE, but not it. However, that helps hugely, as I'm positive the one I had was in the same series. Thank you!
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Response by poster: Also? You guys are geniuses. The one I had IS listed on the azplerp site.
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