WiFi connection problemon open networks
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Wi-fi woes. My XP laptop connects to the Web on my open home network, but I've had problems connecting to other open networks elsewhere. [MORE INSIDE]

I'll get green bars, but no connection. This has happened in a local coffee shop w/ an open network. And a public library where I followed their directions on changing my settings. Both places had many other people happily surfing. I've also tried NetStumbler while driving in a car, finding an amazing density of open networks (this was suburban Chicago). While it's fun to see the names of the networks ("Alien Fast Food" was my favorite), I wanted to connect. (Not sure if this is legal... not that I really care.) Sadly the only time I (almost) had wifi connection outside the home was at the airport, where I connected to a Web page asking me to pay. No thanks. I'm looking for any good pointers or a good resource on connecting to open access points.
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Do you have 802.1x authentication turned on for your wireless adapter? This can sometimes cause problems with connecting to open wireless networks. Try turning it off.
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