So I appear to be trapped in Paris.
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So I appear to be trapped in Paris. Flew to Europe over the holidays for a conference in Berlin, and thought I'd spend a week in Paris and fly out of there instead. British Airways is informing me they'd like about a grand to get me out of Paris, and no less if I take the chunnel up to London to catch the London-SFO leg there. Best option I've found is to try to delay the return flight until I can actually make my way back to Berlin (it's too late now). Still on hold finding out how painful that's going to be. Anyone have any better ideas?
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I was introduced to JustFares through AskMe, and it's the best I got for international flights. I'm not sure if they do one-way fares, but even their round trips from Paris/London to SF are gonna be better than what you're looking at.

One thing: you might try calling them, as their general mode of business is to get the dates you want through the webform and then call you.
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Rebooking the return flight should cost you $100 or so, AFAIK. That's the easiest. You have to take the whole flight I think - as I understand it you have Berlin - London - US with BA. So you have to get on in Berlin. When are you supposed to be boarding in Berlin? Whenever, I'd change the flight ASAP, to a time when you know you will be there. Good luck.
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Go back to BER and catch your flight there. EasyJet flies PAR-BER.
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jeffmshaw - do you know how much extra taxes etc end up putting onto the JustFare air fares for a transatlantic trip say?
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You're trapped in Paris with millions of gallettes des rois? I think it best that no one help you. :-)
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A bus departs from near the Paris Gare de l'Est train station every evening at 8 PM and arrives in Berlin central train station (ZOB) at 9 AM the next day. You can buy the ticket on the bus or from the Gullivers Reisen ticket office. It's quite cheap, and there's a sleeper option. It's not the most high-comfort or high-class transportation option, but it's ok. The sleeper option can be quite fun. It all depends what stranger you end up sleeping next to (I've been lucky so far).
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Mossy, I've only been to Asia with JustFares, but the taxes/fees were pretty standard -- less than $100, comparable to other services.
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