Jazz standards in Chinese?
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Where can I find American jazz standards sung in Mandarin?

So, yea, I just watched Temple of Doom again and just started listening to all the old jazz greats again. And as craptacular as Kate Capshaw is, I do so love the opening scene with her singing Anything Goes in Mandarin. I know there was a Jazz scene in Shanghai in the 20s and 30s...did any of that survive?

I've been able to find some great Chinese Jazz, but I'd really like to hear the standards.
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Great question and I wish I had answers. While not exactly what you're asking for, you might like this anyway.
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You're looking for the Pathé 100 series.
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Shanghai Lounge Divas. I have this CD of original recordings of singers from the 30s, plus remixed dance versions. Not jazz standards, but still all kinds of awesome.
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Or what roger ackroyd said. :)
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