Who sung the Mandarin version of Sk8er Boi?
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While I was in Taiwan this past month, I was sure that I heard a Mandarin version of Avril Lavigne's "Sk8er Boi" on the radio/sound-system while browsing through a store... does anyone know what the song/artist is? Or, on a similar note, other Mandarin songs/artists that either cover or steal their melodies from American/English songs?
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Not Mandarin, but Faye Wong did a Cantonese Cranberries cover for the soundtrack to 'Chungking Express.' All I can think of :/
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Faye Wong (Wong Fei in China) also did some Cocteau Twins covers. They're pretty good. No idea whether she translated the lyrics into Cantonese though ;-)
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Not sure about Sk8er Boi, but I actually collect foreign language versions of English-Language Pop hits. It seems the practice was a lot more prevalent in past years. I have had troubles locating them on recent trips abroad.

But, I have some great versions of many songs in various languages. The best is the MOR/syrupy stuff like Billy Joel in Cantonese or just outright kitsch--my favorites --like the Hungarian singer who does disco versions of the Doors and other classic rock tunes. Think (serious) Moog Cookbook. I am told in the early days of Rock Music there were some specific bands, specifically in Germany who specialized in this.
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