I need plastic surgery on my nipple!
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Need to find a plastic surgeon in Portland, OR to do some simple but delicate work.

I have a skin tag on one of my nipples, and I'm going to try to have a baby soon, so it needs to go if I want to breastfeed. Can anyone recommend someone in the Portland area who does this kind of thing? I don't think it will be a difficult procedure, but it's important that it's done right, you know?
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I get those in my armpits about once every three years. Just cut it off with a small scissors.
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yeah I took a pair of scissors to a rather healthy skin tag on my eyelid back in 2004. . . I was expecting massive blood but it went with a whimper.

AFAICT theoretically it helps to tie it off or twist it a bit to weaken the single artery that's feeding the bstd.
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If it really is just a skin tag, you can tie a bit of thread around it, tightly, for a few days....they usually just fall off by themselves. Note that IANAD.
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I'd just ask my gp for a referral. Might even be the sort of thing they do in-office.

...I would not just tie a thread around it.
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A garden variety dermatologist can take care of this in <30 seconds.
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I have had these removed by my GP, in his office. He had some kind of hot-wire loop thingy to slice-and-cauterize in one go. Granted, that was an armpit, and yours is in a more sensitive area, but you may not need referring at all.
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Definitely go to a dermatologist to have this done. It is a painless and quick procedure. Usually they give you a shot to deaden the area & then snip it off, but once in awhile they bleed and have to be cauterized. I had to have one on my neck cauterized, it actually bled quite a bit and I was glad I didn't have to deal with it by myself. Usually it's a non-event though and I've never had a scar.
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