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Portlandfilter. Looking for dinner suggestions.

I'm taking a mixed group of foodies, vegetarians, and a few culinary cowards on a dinner adventure. We're looking for something tasty, mid-range price, and a bit unusual. I'm thinking non-Mexican Latin or Mediterranean, but other suggestions are welcome. Plus for cool ambiance or location.

Needs to be within 10 minutes of downtown.


Extra credit - cool place for drinks afterward. Same parameters.
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Nutshell on N Williams is vegan, and very much its own thing. It's had great reviews, that I've seen. I've only had a bowl of their Argentine grain stew one wet afternoon, but it was delish. The creativity should satisfy the foodies, the vegan should please the vegetarians, and cowards can make do.
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Higgins in Downtown Portland and Paley's Place in the Alphabet District are consistently listed among the best 50 restaurants in the US. Both are casual, with dinner entrées priced at about $19-$30.
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Lauro at SE Division and 34th is wonderful neo-Mediterranean -- and Pix Patisserie is right across the street for after-dinner drinks and desserts that are to. die. for.
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I've also heard great things about Andina at NW 13th and Glisan in the Pearl District.
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Taste of Mexico is amazing.
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Oh, there's a Pix across from Nutshell, too. Thanks for reminding me, ottereroticist :)

And yes, Andina's quite good. Particularly if you're with a group that's down with family-style dining, to sample all the Peruvian things you've never had before. Their Pisco Sours were awesome, too, as I recall. You could probably be satisfied in their bar.
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Nicolas Restaurant is cheapish, delicious, and can satisfy the needs of both meat and non-meat eaters. It is approximately 10 minutes by bus (the #6) from downtown, maybe 5 minutes if you have a car.
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Taste of Mexico, I should note, is Mexican, but traditional Mexican. I'm not from Portland, but the 2 times I ate there (in the span of a week) were the best meals I ate in Portland, and it was definitely the best Mexican I've ever had.
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3rding Andina. It is superb. You could drink there afterward, too. Their food is immensely flavorful and I've never had a single item that wasn't delicious.
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Best answer: Checkout the restaurants forum on Portland Food Forums. pretty much every restaurant worth much is covered somewhere, as wells as most of the Chub.

I suggest:
Pambiche (Cuban)
The Farm Cafe (NW, very veg friendly)
Karam (Lebanese)
Biwa (Japanese Izakaya food)
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Clyde Common in the Ace Hotel.
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Hurley's. One of the best meals I ever had.
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I had a lot of fun at Le Bistro Montage, I recommend the spold. They also have a bar next door with quirky drinks.
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2nding Pambiche, really excellent food, a little different, cute atmosphere.
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My short list:

Andina's: I had no idea what Peruvian food was before being taken to this place. Would be great for a large group. Best cocktails I've ever had.

Biwa: As soon as you walk in you'll start to salivate. Definitely try the curried oxtail on soba noodles.

Pok Pok: Be prepared to wait but it is amazingly worth it. If you have a party of 5 or more you can make a reservation. I hope that when I die I'll have one of their vietnamese fish sauce chicken wings in my mouth.

Pambiche: Awesome cuban food but the portion size is a bit small and the indoor seating is very very cramped. Luckily they've got lots of outside tables and gas heaters over each one.

The first 3 of these places are excellent if you all are into family style dining.
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nthing Andina, Biwa, Pambiche, and Farm, but you might also want to try Eleni's in the Pearl. Very vegetarian friendly, and you can order lots of delicious Mediterranean appetizers and share.
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Nicholas is awesome, but FYI, they're cash only.
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Seconding Clyde Common.
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Response by poster: Pambiche was good. A hit with the crowd. Mango milkshakes got us through waiting for a table. Thanks for the help all. I'll try Andina next time I'm up.
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