Professional shoes for rainy weather?
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It's that time of year again, when I need to put the sandals away and figure out what the heck to put on my feet for the next 9 months. Help.

Every year, I swear I will buy something other than clogs, and every year I end up buying clogs even though I hate the way they look because their soles are thick enough to lift me up out of the puddles, they are minimal fuss because they just slip on, and they are comfortable enough to wear all day, and I never have any luck finding non-clogs that serve my needs as well. Maybe this year will be different?

I am a woman. At work I primarily dress in jeans and khakis in neutral/earth tones (beige, brown, olive) so I guess I need a brown shoe? I also have red, blue, and black pants. I would like a shoe that goes with them all but I don't know if that's possible.

I would like something that keeps my feet dry, is comfy enough to wear all day, and are easy to get on and off. AND ALSO BE CUTE. Is this too much to ask?

I am a 9.5 US / 41 UK size. Price up to $150 is fine for the right shoe. I don't do well in heels (I am a klutz).

Zappos is kind of overwhelming. Can you help me narrow down what I'm looking for?
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Are these just for rainy days? How about ankle height rubber rain boots?
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I would buy rain boots for rainy days and otherwise get a couple of pairs of basic flats in black and brown and maybe another fun color. That's just one option Clarks has available but Born and Naturalizer are also going to have have a lot of comfortable options well within your price range.
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Response by poster: Pretty much every day is a rainy day in Portland. I'd prefer actual shoes so I don't have to change back and forth during the day.
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I like La Canadienne.
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Lace up boots like these are very on trend right now, and you can easily find them under your 150 price point. L.L. Bean boots will keep you warm and dry as well, but your opinion of their style may vary.
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Aquatalia makes weatherproof shoes. I have two pair of their boots and I love them. They're expensive but durable and water resistant. They've been great for San Francisco's winter rainy season.
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I am wearing, on my feet right now, some Frye boots. They lace up to just over the ankle - 8 eyelets - and below, look almost like dress shoes. Slender and stylish, with a slim leather & rubber sole. Looks like a dress shoe, not a workboot, but I won't hesitate to tromp around a bit in 'em.
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Boots, baby. Comfy as heck, stylish, and great for keeping your feet dry. I am partial to ankle boots and midlength boots and cowboy boots and long elegant knee length black boots.
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Response by poster: I really want shoes, not boots.
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Many people find these sorts of crocs: wedges, heels, work shoes, and flats perfect for this need.

I find them sweaty and uncomfortable to wear all day, but YMMV. The certainly do keep feet dry (and remain nonslip) in wet conditions.
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BØRN shoes are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. They have all kinds of styles that would work great. Worth the money.
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I really like my dkode shoes, they are stylish but VERY very sturdy and well made. I often wear them in rainier seasons.
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Best answer: J-41 fits your needs well, though they make some seriously ugly shoes (but occasionally come out with a winner). The ones I have are on a clog-ish sole, but are styled more like an ankle boot. They're tall enough to keep you out of puddles and are really comfortable for the height.
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As far as color goes, red happens to be my favorite color and it goes with all of the colors you mention in your post. I also like red shoes because they add a POP! of personality to any outfit.
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Last year I got through the rainy season on a pair of black Lands' End All Weather Mocs. They're not going to win a cuteness contest but I like the look/feel better than clogs, but the lift and ease of on/off is similar. They're probably professional enough for a workplace where clogs are professional enough.

I did not feel totally comfortable that they had enough traction for snow/ice so I didn't risk it, but for rain, they are good.
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I ordered these gore-tex shoes from ECCO a few days ago and am expecting them tomorrow. Waterproof rain shoes that aren't dorky looking and won't make your feet sweat like rubber would.
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I am a huge fan of Keens. The Briggs is their classic oxford shoe. The Barika is a little flowery-er. This Kaci slip-on might be somewhat clog-like but a little different. I had a previous model of Briggs and have been wearing the Kaci boots for years and love them.
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Springboarding from snaw's comment, you may want to check out J-41's sister company, Jambu.
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somehow I wound up linking to a shoe that is not at all La Canadienne but another manufacturer with a very similar lineup and some that are exactly the same. So now you have two to check out…

The Lands End All Weather Mocs that got linked to above are very warm. They're absolutely fantastic for walking around in the rain, light, dry, roomy and comfortable; but they are not cute, and they will make your feet sweat if your office cranks the heat in the winter.
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While these are listed in the boot category, I fully believe they could be worn under a pair of jeans: Haven Duo Waterproof by Merrell.
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I live in a rainy area and I'm a big fan of Ecco dress shoes. Their Gore-Tex shoes are waterproof, but many of their other styles are water-resistant and will be fine as long as you don't stand in a puddle for a long time, especially if you use a waterproofing treatment. I find that it's easy to clean mud off of them, too.

My only complaint is that the sizing varies a bit based on the style. If you find a style that you like, see if you can try it on in person at an Ecco store, or order it in several sizes.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. I just ordered these J-41 wingtips (I am a sucker for wingtips), hope they do the trick. Those Eccos looked good too, but the styles I was interested in we're only available in black! dkode are super cute but not available from Zappos (hello long trial run), La Canadienne are too narrow for my feet, and Born and Frye have historically not been comfortable for me, and everything else wasn't my style. Fingers crossed on the J-41, otherwise I may be back in clogs.
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