Where's the former Mrs. Johnson now?
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Whatever happened to Meriam al Khalifa?

Back in 1999, Bahrain's Sheikha Meriam al Khalifa ran off to the States with Marine Jason Johnson, married him here and subsequently divorced in 2001. She had initially claimed she would face punishment if sent back to Bahrain, but my understanding is that she did head back home to Bahrain after the terrorist attacks in 2001.

I've googled to no avail. Does anyone know what became of her once she returned to Bahrain? Was she punished? Remarried? Ostracized?
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Well, she participated in the Women Business Leaders Summit in Bahrain in 2008.
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And her (alleged) MySpace profile says she's in Hawaii - plus there's a bunch of unsubstantiated info on this site, including that they had a trial date for their divorce on May 4, 2009.
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