Places to drink in Munich that are NOT the typical beer hall?
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Hi, I'm going to be in the Munich area over the holidays and I want to find a place to hang out and drink. I've lived there already and I'm over the typical Bavarian biergarten/hall scene. Ideally, I'm looking for somewhere cozy and student oriented, good music playing (indie, downtempo, alternative hip-hop etc) and good, natural lighting for people watching. 100 super bonus points if their beer of choice is Augustiner!!! Thank you!!!!!
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I am not from Munich, thus these locations do not include any ultra-hip insider tips. For good indie music you should check out the Südstadt, the Substanz or the Jennerwein. Later at night you may want to go to the Atomic Cafe.
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There will be no better place to drink during the holidays than at the Christkindlmarkt! November 27-December 24. I know you want cozy, but mulled wine has a special way of bringing cozy to the outdoors.
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Response by poster: ahhh, i wish! but i get there the 24th! boo :(
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Trachtenvogl, near Gärtnerplatz (Reichenbachstr. 47). They serve Tegernseer, which is basically the new Augustiner, i.e. a very traditional beer rediscovered by youngsters. Good stuff! This is a very hip (but definitely cozy) place.

Or you could try Cabane, which is just across the street from where I live! They don't serve Augustiner either - sorry -, but Astra. This beer from Hamburg has a huge fan base among younger Germans (I don't like it but YMMV). Cabane can be very crowded in the evenings, but is perfect for people watching.

2nding Atomic Café for later in the evening. Cord Club is nice, too.
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