Finding my way around a new town
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We're moving in about a week to the Kansas City area and I'm trying to find all the necessary amenities around our new place. What websites do you use to find things around the Kansas City area?

We're moving in about a week to the Kansas City area and I'm trying to find all the necessary amenities around our new place. I've been using a Google maps search, but about 1/2 of everything on there is old or in the wrong place.

What sites would you suggest for finding:
*Grocery Stores
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Kansas City has an active Yelp community which you may find helpful. A lot will depend on which part of the metro you're moving to.
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What part of Kansas City are you moving to? Are you on the Kansas side or the Missouri side? Suburbs or city?
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Lenexa, KS.
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Here are some sites I've found helpful.

Kansas City Restaurant Guide


The KC Guy

Some of the bigger shopping areas (other than enclosed malls) are Zona Rosa, the Country Club Plaza, and Town Center Plaza.

There are others of course. The above is not meant to be exhaustive.
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The local entertainment paper can be found at

Kansas City is a great city. I loved living there. I'm a native Kansas and don't live too far away. I've also lived in Missouri and it's a beautiful state. Make sure you make it to the Ozarks down in the southern part of the state. And Parkville is just north of Kansas City.
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I meant native Kansan and you'll also want to go to the Country Club Plaza. It's gorgeous and has many shops and restaurants.
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Oh yay! I grew up in Lenexa! If you're close to Quivira Road, your best bet for shopping is Oak Park Mall on 95th street and the surrounding area. In that vicinity, there's a grocery store (Hy-Vee, if I remember correctly)and a Target. Sam's Club is also on 95th street, west of 35 Hwy.

Also, in regards to grocery stores: Hy-Vee & Price Chopper have the best deals and consistent prices. Hen House is overpriced. Apple Market is shady. There are a few Walmart 'Neighborhood Markets' around as well.

I can't suggest many real good restaurants; I know there's an excellent Indian place called Masala's on 95th & Metcalf.

The Pitch
is my go-to guide for restaurants and area events. Here's a link to some good places in your neck of the woods.

Don't be afraid to venture downtown or to the Plaza area. There's always something interesting going on.

Avoid Hwy 435 during evening rush hour traffic; take 35 or 69 if you can.

I still live in the KC area (but I've defected to the Missouri side), so please feel free to memail me if you have any questions. Welcome to KC!
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I live in Olathe and work in Overland Park.

Restaurants. Honestly, I've no idea here. Goodcents is a local sub chain, and Applebee's was founded in KC, so expect to see a lot of them. Westport has some nightlife if you desire it.

Grocery stores. Once upon a time, Dillion's was the regional chain, competing with Price chopper and Walmart and Hen House. Price Chopper recently bought Dillions and killed off the brand. Price wise, Super Walmarts usually has the better deals, with Price Chopper using occasional loss-leaders. There's markets that cater to asian, indian and mexican foods as well, if you're serious about it. For the major chains you should consult their websites, duh. Or just start driving; you're in the middle of suburban sprawl, it should be impossible to miss a shopping center.

Shopping. Well, the Plaza is the tourist trap. Lots of fountains, restaurants and shops. Super expensive, really. Judging by your profile, you may want to check out Microcenter. There's a mall across the street from there, but malls have kinda taken a beating the past ten years (especially now, in the recession). Oak Park Mall is probably the last quality mall left I know of. TheSpree claims to have a list of shopping centers in KC; I haven't verified it.

Misc. You should check out the Central Johnson County Library, and the one at Lackmann. Joco is rich enough to lend video games to cardholders. There's also JCCC, my employer, but I think you have to be staff or student to use their services anymore. There's also KCLUG (#kclug @ freenode) that meets at the KCK library, in downtown. I'm not a fan of the location, but I suppose it is centralized. There's a Dave & Busters at Legends if you feel like driving out there.
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