Why can't I get to the internet (except Metafilter)?
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Very weird. The only website I can get to right now is the Metafilter family. Everything else times out with the error "www.cnn.com could not be found. Please check the name and try again." Dozens of other sites return the same error.

I'm on a cable modem. Win XP. My vonage phone works fine, as does email. I restarted the computer and the router. What the heck is going on?
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your isp's dns is probably down, and you have metafilter.com in a dns cache somewhere. wait for it to come back up, get a dns IP from a friend to borrow, or call your isp and complain.
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There's a signpost up ahead. Next stop: the METAFILTER zone.
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you have metafilter.com in a dns cache somewhere.

Why mefi but not the other pages I'm hitting constantly, such as CNN, which is my browser start page?
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Well, this would help you in the meantime if you could get to it... :-D

Try one of these:,,

Enjoy. You probably shouldn't leave it set up like that forever.
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I'm sorry, I'm clueless. What do I do with these IPs?
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those are, i'm guessing, ip addresses for dns servers.
if your problem is due to a dns server issue, that should take care of it. dunno about xp, but for win2k it's under tcpip properties for your network connection where you can specify a dns server instead of automatically detecting one.
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Yeah, those are IPs for some root DNS servers. They aren't going down any time soon. :)
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OK, I changed TCP/IP settings to point to a couple of shepd's DNS servers instead of using comcast's.

I do nslookup and I get "DNS request timed out" on both. ("Can't find server name for address.")
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Just switched it back to comcast DNS and now everything works suddenly. *shrug*
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this happens to me about once a week ... it's rather annoying but usually it comes back within an hour ... i thought about trying another dns server next time, so shopd's list will be useful
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are you using firefox perchance? this is a semi-common issue with firefox. try going to about:config and toggle network.dns.disableipv6 to true. then clear your cache out and restart firefox.

of course, if you aren't using firefox then, what those other people said.
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Firefox and my firewall program don't get along. Sometimes I just have to close the firewall, try the website address again, connect, and then restart the firewall. Probably not the greatest solution, but it works for me.
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If yourin pyramid termite's sistuation it may be worth it to maintain your own host files for your top dozen most visited sites. That way you can still get to CNN/Metafilter/etc. when your local dns is down. Assuming your tied to such a sucky ISP.
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