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Track when a link appears at site A, then site B, then site C?

One of the reasons I like metafilter so very much is that by reading it, I can see what will appear at other sites days or weeks later. Saves time, yo. But I'd like to track that progression a little more. I'm guessing that the means to do so exist, but I don't know what to search for to find it. Google spreadsheets are pretty powerful so maybe that's the answer. What I'm thinking of (reduced to one link found, X, and three sites searched, A, B & C, but the idea is perhaps scalable).

The human would:
1. enter the URL for site A.
2. enter the URL for site B.
3. enter the URL for site C.
... based on the suspicion that C gets links from B and A, and B gets links from A.

The software would:
1. compile when a link appears in a post (not in comments) at site A.
2. compile when a link appears in a post (not in comments) at site B.
3. compile when a link appears in a post (not in comments) at site C.
4. make a report showing when link X appeared in two or more sites.

Does such software / service exist?
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Google link:http://example.com and sort the results by date?
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I am not sure if a service exists that fits your requirements but the below may be of some use!

Yahoo Site Explorer shows what URLs are linked to a particular site.
Crucially this does not specify an exact date so you will not get any linea trending.

Google Insights shows trending for search terms. This is specific to Google searches.

Google Alerts monitors the web for keywords you define and then sends you email alerts with the frequency of the reports being customisable.

The content is also available via RSS so depending on your technical skills you may be able to do something with that and Yahoo Query Language
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Response by poster: Thanks to COD and errpsy!
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