How to stop Gmail popping forward upon loading or reloading Firefox?
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Gmail consistently pops forward upon loading or reloading on Firefox, and did so when I was using Mozilla. This really bugs me, and I don't like using tabs. Can anyone tell me how to make this stop? iMac 10.3.5, did this to me before on my "toilet seat" laptop.
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Best answer: I believe Tools/Options/Web Features/Enable JavaScript - Advanced/uncheck Raise or Lower Windows should fix this.
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Best answer: Forgive me if I'm incompetent, but I don't have an "option" option under "tools". I searched for "enable javascript", but came up with just a page that told me what javascript is. I'm running the newest version of Firefox, by the way. Thanks again.
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Response by poster: Under Tools, I have:

Web Search

Javascript Console - which gives me a weird page of warnings and problems, but nothing changeable
DOM Inspector, and
Page Info
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Best answer: interrobang: I believe the stuff modofo is talking about is under Firefox/preferences in the Mac.
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Best answer: Ah! Got it. If anyone else wants to know, it's under preferences; under "web features", go to the "advanced" button that's next to "enable javascript". From there, unclick "raise or lower windows".

Thanks, guys!
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Cool. I was going from the windows version here.
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Anyone found a way to disable this "feature" in Safari?
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Or just accept that this isn't 1998 anymore and use tabs.
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