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Okay, so how are people making those video remixes that are ever so popular right now?

I can see it happening a few different ways:

1) They rip the original video from YouTube and pull it into Final Cut or whatever, and edit the sound bites and video with the music (made in some other program, presumably).
2) They rip the video from YouTube and bring the audio only into an audio/music program, and then re-edit the video to match the audio.
3) Some other way I'm not thinking?

What software are people using?
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On the site you linked, most of them fall into (1). Lasse's stuff was done with a custom piece of software. The mother of all funk chords guy did it with a program like (1) but I think it was Premier. Auto-tune the news uses FCP but of course makes the music in Logic or Protools or whatever they have available.

I don't see any examples of it on the front page of that site, but I work on an open source video & audio remix toolkit that lets you do automated youtube chops based on audio analysis. People have done things like sync "Undefeatable"'s fight scene to a daft punk song, change the time signature of videos, etc. That requires you know a programming language (python) but it does all the youtube ripping and chopping in software automatically.
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I don't know much about this stuff,

But from watching those links, the one that interested me the most was Amatuer. It was clear that he recorded himself fumbling with instruments he did not know how to play and edited that together into a real musical idea. Not unlike using samples of musical ideas without video (say a breakbeat) to construct a new song. His video is an interesting visualization of that process.

The others all seemed to be ripped from some source -- you tube or a dvd (the mary popins one) and then edited like you say.
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Wow. The Echo Nest Remix library is very cool. I just downloaded it and started messing around with it. Thanks for the link, brianwhitman.
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