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I'm looking for a fascinating piece that I read a few years back that painted an extensive portrait of the lives and culture of runaways and other people living on the margins, written from personal experience. I think it was very long, divided into two pages, and possibly specifically directed at writers whom the author was criticizing for getting their culture wrong. I remember that s/he alked about getting started mugging or shoplifting, how to handle yourself in fights to minimize the amount of actual fighting you would be forced to do, and I forget what all else. One part that I particularly remember asserted that people in this sort of situation could be very conservative sexually but promiscuous emotionally, or something like that.

Although I particularly want to find this piece again, I'd also appreciate recommendations for anything similar. Thanks!
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Not what you're looking for specifically, but a year on the streets memoir, Down To This, but Shaunessey Bishop-Stall.
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What do you remember, if anything, about the source? It sounds like you read it online ("divided into two pages"), is this the case? Did the narrative revolve around a particular city or cities? Anything you can recall with a reasonable degree of certainty would help.
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Best answer: dear [not just urban fantasy] author -- part II was the one I thought of - it was originally on LJ, although I came across it from Lilith Saintcrow's blog. This is part 2 - the first part deals with violence. There is definitely a line about sexual conservatism contrasted with lots of physical affection.
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Response by poster: That's it exactly, restless_nomad! Thank you!
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