Is there an Instapaper for feed aggregation?
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I'm looking for a very simple rss updater to replace Rososo. Any suggestions?

It looks like my rss updater of choice, Rososo, might be permanently out of order. This bums me out as it's just about the perfect fit for my needs and aesthetic preferences. Much like Instapaper, another can't-do-without favourite, it has a zen-like vibe of doing one thing really well and looking as simple as possible while doing it.

What I need is a robust (little downtime) and easy-to-use service for keeping an eye on my twenty or so favourite blogs and other sites. I like to read my articles on-site, not through a reader interface, so I'm therefore not looking for Google Reader, I think. Firefox extensions and the like are out as I often use different computers and browsers throughout the day.

Also, I want to be able to follow any feed and not just those that are already submitted to the service (like Bloglovin or Bloglines). Some of my feeds belong to sites written in languages other than English and others I'm just not comfortable adding to a public index (personal Livejournals and the like).

Is there anything out there for me?
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Response by poster: Here's the link for Rososo. I must have missed it out of grievous disappointment.
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I know you said you are not looking for Google Reader, but I would actually recommend Google Reader. It allows you to either read the articles on the Google Reader site or presents them in a list view that shows just the title and presents it as a link to the actual source.

I actually prefer the way it presents all of the data in one place and allows me to scroll through them. I would check it out.
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If you want to host something yourself, Rnews is good - lots of options, and has a scoring system so the feeds you find most interesting (ie read most often) float to the top.
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Response by poster: I ended up slapping a bunch of individual rss widgets on the iGoogle home page. With the help of some custom javascript I was able to simplify the overall look quite a bit. This solution does a decent enough job, although someone really ought to fill the niche for minimalist rss updaters.
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