Help me relive a happy childhood memory!
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Sometime around '93-95, when I was living in Plymouth, NC, my elementary school class took a field trip to a bird farm. I would love to track down the place where I went.

As a child, I lived in Plymouth, NC, and attended Pines Elementary School. In 2nd or 3rd grade, my class took a field trip to a bird farm. I know that I had a teacher named Mrs. Byrd in 2nd or 3rd grade, but I'm not sure which, and I don't know who the other teacher might have been. That's mostly beside the point, however, as the school website is very sparse, and there isn't even a teacher directory there for me to try to hunt down my old teacher with.

I give you the location of the school because, since it was a field trip, the bird farm could not have been too very far away from it. Maybe an hour or two at the most? I have done some googling and found a few bird farms, but most of them seem to be in central/Western NC, and so too far away. I haven't lived in NC since I was 7 years old, so I don't remember the geography at all.

As for the bird farm itself, I use that phrase because I remember specifically that my teacher and the people there referred to it as a bird farm, rather than an aviary or some other term. It was a small farm, and I'm not even sure if the animals were used for eggs or slaughter, or if it was more of a petting-zoo type thing. They had other birds besides your typical chickens and turkeys -- I specifically remember peacocks, and I believe they had swans and geese as well.

Hopefully someone here lives or has lived in NC and has some idea what I'm talking about, or maybe someone has an idea for a way I can search to point me in the right direction. Thanks for the help!
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You could try contacting the school directly. Say you're an old student of Ms. Byrd's and would like to speak with her to thank her for being such a great teacher. This could segue into asking her about the bird farm, although there is a good chance that (unless this was an activity she took all her classes on) that she won't remember the name of the farm either.

You could also try calling a public library in the area to ask the reference librarian if there are nearby aviaries or bird farms. If the place is still open, there's a good shot that a local librarian could point you to it.

Sorry I don't have a better answer, but this might be a way to figure out the name of the bird farm if Metafilter doesn't pull through.
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I bet it was Liverman's Recreational Park and Mini Zoo in Windsor, NC.
It's about 40 minutes from Plymouth to Windsor, and the Mini Zoo has lots of birds.
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