I just want my stupid games to be silent
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OSXFilter: Is there a way to mute individual programs in OS X?

Vista allows you to adjust the volume of specific programs in its volume control. I switched to Mac but that's one of the features from Vista that I really miss. (If it matters, I'm using Leopard.) I want to listen to my music, not my games/browser, dang it!
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Best answer: You can do that with Audio Hijack Pro. It's what I use when I want to mute noisy flash games but still listen to music.
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Is there an open source program that duplicates the effects of AudioHijackPro?
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Soundflower is a handy little audio program, free, and useful enough that I have it set as a login in item. It allows you to route audio to different applications. One thing I use it for is to send audio from something like a YouTube video to Audacity for recording (you can also do that with Audio Hijack Pro but I didn't want to pay just for that feature).

So I don't know if it will do what you want but there are individual volume controls for each channel under Audio Setup. I'm thinking you want to play around with 16 channel mode, muting the channel(s) you don't want to hear. In any event the price is right so it's worth finding out if it will do what you need it to.
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Response by poster: AudioHijackPro can mute things even after you've used up the free version-- it only lays the noise track on top of things that it's recording.
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