Volunteering for Tsunami Victims
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Does anyone know of any charities/aid agencies in the London area that are in need of volunteers for the Tsunami Earthquake Appeal? [MI]

Ideally I'd like to help on the phone lines/office work as a I come from a customer service background and would best suit my skills. If there are other options then I am happy to lend a hand in any way. I've already emailed the Disasters Emergency Committee but I guess it might take a while to hear back. The only phone numbers I can find are for donations and I don't want to stop money coming through by phoning them. I hope someone can put me in the right direction - I need to help in some small way as well as donating money. Thanks and Happy New Year all.
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Oxfam need volunteers:

"British charity Oxfam has appealed for an extra 10,000 volunteers to work in its shops to cope with the high volume of donations.

The charity warned some shops might be forced to close temporarily if enough people did not come forward to help process the money being handed in. "
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Response by poster: Ooh thanks, will give them a call too.

As I've not heard from any of my emails I'm now going to be collecting clothes, bedding etc in my local area and from work and my housemate and I are going to take them to a local shipping company who are delivering aid to Sri Lanka. If anyone in London area wants the contact details then please email me.
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