Is This Umbrella Fixable?
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I bent my Wookie umbrella! (More has found shelter from the rain inside.)

I just opened the package of a vintage umbrella I got on eBay. It's pretty obvious the umbrella was damaged during shipping; the pole is bent at nearly a 45 degree angle! It's a fabulous vintage plastic umbrella, and I would like to keep it, but it's pretty unusable at this point. The pole is metal; the umbrella is probably from the 70s or 80s. The bend is around 2/3rds from the top of the umbrella. Would it be possible for me to hammer the pole back into shape, or should I leave it alone and send it back?
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Telescoping tubing is pretty hard to 'bend back.' I've never been able to do it.

Good luck. (In the display case no one might know)
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Response by poster: All right, I got my (stronger than me) brother to bend the sucker back. It's a bit...wobbly, but now it at least appears to be a normal umbrella, instead of some odd Tetris piece. I emailed the seller advising them to user better packaging materials next time (the package was pretty banged up and appeared reused with lots of tape).
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