Low-rise tights?
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I'm looking for low-rise tights cut to fit a petite, short-waisted woman.

I'm 5'1, 125 pounds, size 6/8, short-waisted, and I carry my chub in the mid-section. Small-sized tights are way too tight in the middle, but anything larger and the waist sits nearly at my chest because I'm so short.

I've googled "low-rise tights" and found some at Target, but I'm wondering if there's any other particular brand that's cut that way but not necessarily advertised as such.

I've tried:

GAP Small, GAP Medium: both way too tight in the middle. Like, "pain box from Dune"-level tight. Somehow, the medium is tighter than the small (?!) and, of course, its waist is practically at the bust.

Old Navy Small: see above

Urban Outfitters: I have some I bought last year that fit decently, but they were specifically marked "low-rise" and looking at the website now, I don't see any that say that any more.

Anyone else with a similar build found tights that fit?
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i'm similarly sized and shaped as you, but two inches taller. that might be a very important two inches to your question. but i'm going to take a whack at it nonetheless.

i buy mainly old navy and urban outfitters tights. i think i've tried target tights. where are the tights that hit you "in the middle" hitting you exactly? for the tights that go up to right under my bra, i sometimes fold them down so they're hitting at the smallest part of my waist. if tights are hitting you in that area too tightly, you could fold them further down. for me, this is where i'm flabbiest, so i couldn't fold so that they were tightest in my hip region but you might be able to do that.

depending on what shoes you're wearing with whatever you're wearing, you might try leggings. those will have more of an elastic band waist so they shouldn't cut into you. if you're wearing boots, no one would be able to tell the difference. i also like ballet style leggings that cover halfway down your foot.
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I don't know if they're available in the US, but Australian brands Kayser and Voodoo both make hipster tights that sit below the waist. Google can probably tell you.
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Searching on "low-rise tights" at Sock Dreams doesn't return any results, but their search page encourages you to contact them and ask if you're looking for something specific. They're very nice and very devoted to footwear.
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Hue used to make low rise tights, I do not see them on their website, but you may want to check Macy's or whoever sells that brand near you to see if they have them. If they are not manufactured any more, then check Marshalls or Ross to see if they have them. The label specificially described them as low rise.
Otherwise, it's the perfect time of year to hit the Halloween stores - there are usually an insane range of tights at one of those huge costume stores.
I've found that avoiding control top at all costs helps things significantly. As in, but regular rise, non control top and just shove the waist down a bit and they are tolerable.
I'll keep looking, because I have the same issue.
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Upon further googling, the term you should be looking for is 'hipster tights'. Looks like Danskin makes some, a few places still have the Hue ones.
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I am currently wearing Target's "low rise" tights, and they cover my bellybutton. I am taller than you, and I got the medium/tall, so you might not have the same experience, but I'd warn against them if you're dead set on an actually low rise.

The lowest rise I've ever found in tights was in some Betsey Johnson tights I got last year. I got them at Nordstrom Rack, so I have no idea how much they cost normally, but they are awesome.
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Thanks all! I didn't think of calling them "hipster tights". That might give better results.

anthropomorphic: I have some cropped leggings that fit me fine so maybe I should branch out into long ones in fall, thanks for the suggestion.

transporter accident amy: I already buy all my socks from Sock Dreams but didn't think about asking them about tights, good idea.

I'm going to try these Frenchi tights from the Nordstrom junior department and I'll see if Macy's has those low-rise Hue ones. I will report back.
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Or, if your skirts aren't minis, you can just bypass the rise problem entirely with thigh-highs.
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