I need to find the best pair of matte black tights
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Please recommend durable non-shiny black tights.

Cold weather approaches. Soon I will be wearing lots of black tights with skirts. Every year I spend too much time trying to find the ultimate black tights. I hate them if they have any shininess. Is it the lycra that does that? Whatever it is, I don't want it. Matte black, please. Online is good, any sort of texture is fine, they don't need to be plain smooth but that's fine too. I'm 5'3" but have longish legs in proportion to my body so sometimes that's a problem but not always. What's the best pair you've ever bought? The one that you carefully wash out and live in fear of the day when they get a run? And as an aside, I really wish manufacturers would do a better job of labeling their tights so that a year later after I've worn them and loved them, I'll know where I got them.
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Wolford Velvet de Luxe 50 Tights

Note: I have these as thigh highs not as tights but the fabric is fabulous. Durable and good looking.
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E.G. Smith tights are awesome, and they're matte by virtue of being cotton. Looks like the black ones are out of stock, but I bet you can get them elsewhere online. (Sock Dreams, however, is also awesome.)
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I feel your pain and share your fashion sense.

I've had good luck with tights from Eddie Bauer and Hue -- cotton tights.

Neither company is offering cotton, best I can tell, on-line, but it's worth checking in stores for them. No shine, and no itch. Not wildly overpriced, either.
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I bought a pair a while back from Express. They are durable, non shiny and have lasted me at least 6 months without runs or snags. They arent full length (cropped at mid-calf), but I love them. I also have a brown pair full length which fit me quite nicely (Im 5'10 and have really long legs, so it's hard for me to find anything in the pants/ legging department which doesn't flood or creep down from being too short).
They were super cheap, I think I got them on a buy on get one deal, but that was almost a year ago.
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I've gotten most of my favorite ones from H&M.
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Response by poster: I was afraid that the answer would be Wolford. I just can't get myself to spend $50 on a pair of tights. Though I want to. Thigh highs are an option though I can't wear them all the time. Footless and/or calf length are not. And also a good waistband is key. The super cheap ones always seem to have crappy waistbands that roll over and are super uncomfortable. But I believe that ya'll are on to something with the cotton. Does black cotton fade a lot? I'm lazy and usually just thrown them in with my load of darks on cold in the washing machine and let them air dry.
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I am really digging Spanx tights right now. They are pretty opaque, which I require, and non-shiny. They also have a reversible version that comes with two colors - black/brown, black/grey, and black/blue, and those ones are completely opaque and matte. The waistbands are pretty freakin' awesome, too, and don't roll over at all.
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I also like my black tights from H&M. Non shiny, comfortable waistband, pretty cheap. I have also had very long-lasting tights from Hue.
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I'll second the black/chocolate brown cotton tights and hold-ups and there's no way I'd spend $50 on a pair either. Here in Europe Le Bourget is a popular brand but they might be more expensive stateside? It's well worth checking Ebay for these.

I seem to remember that the Roots brand in fine merino wool were very good too. They washed beautifully thrown in on a delicates programme with dark sweaters and have lasted years.
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I am seconding Wolford - they really are the best tights I've ever bought. I have them in black in both wool and cotton models, which I picked up in Europe some years ago. I do see Wolford tights occasionally turning up at places like Sierra Trading Post for a lot less than $50 but they disappear fast.
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Before anyone suggests American Apparel Opaque Tights (which generally fit your requirements [they are more opaque and far less shiny than that photo leads one to believe], and are durable to say the least), let me issue a word of warning: they are the most constricting (around the waistband) tights I have ever worn! I have a reasonably small mid-section (25"), and even the M/L feels as though it is strangling my innards.

I have not yet purchased them, but they are on the top of my "To Buy" list:

MP Cotton-Lined Wool Tights. Yum yum yum yum! All of the warmth of wool without the itchiness! I cannot wait to try a pair. They're all sold out at the link above (which I posted becase it gives a detailed description of the tights), but it looks like they have plenty available here.

Also, the link that clavical posted directs you to a wonderful online store called Sock-Dreams. I have had wonderful experiences purchasing from them. Though they're all sold out of the MP Tights I've mentioned, I'd suggest taking a poke around their website. I am always incredibly satisfied with their leg-wear.
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I've just been thinking the same thing. My current faves are Falke cotton touch opaques: these ones. A little expensive, but not quite in Wolford territory. Well worth it - soft, cosy, not too thick, comfy waistband, last well. I have also had good experiences with Levante pure wool ribbed tights (for more of woolly tight look - similar price tag).
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Wolford, when properly cared for, last a long time. Sometimes you get what you pay for. I love their Velvet de Luxe.
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I get Hue cotton tights in black at Macy's or Nordstrom's (local upscale department stores). They last a long time, so while they're spendy at first the cost-per-wearing evens out.
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Said it before and I'll say it again: Sock Dreams has everything.
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I lovelovelove DKNY Comfort Luxe Opaque tights. They are control-top so they stay up, but "no waistband" so you don't get the two-tummy bump. The material is really soft and smooth.
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I'm going to have to second the Express brand tights, if only because (as a slightly, um, more robust woman than you) the best tights I've ever bought were from Lane Bryant. So I'm thinking, if the LB ones are good, then maybe Express and/or the Limited have good ones too, since they're the same parent company. Or Victoria's Secret? Just an idea.
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Garnet Hill has matte cotton tights that last for seasons.
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