A wordpress site where customers can log in to their account.
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A wordpress plugin to make a "customer login" section.

Ok, I know it's weird to ask this on mefi, but after failing elsewhere on the net, I thought I'd give it a try.

My wordpress site sells one and only one product, which is renewed weekly (aka a subscription).

I want the customer to fill out some data that I want, then they're taken to paypal to pay (and they have to fill out some new data [like credit card info] which I don't care about seeing, though some of it is redundant [name] so it'd be nice if that was pre-polulated in the paypal page). (By the way, this is a small operation so I can't afford to "upgrade" paypal beyond "website payments standard.")

Then later, customers can come back, log into their "my account" section, and make changes: like updates to their name or address, or canceling their subscription.

Also, I want access to all the data about all my customers.

There has to be a wordpress plugin that does something like this. I've tried a few e-commerce plugins, but they all failed in one way or another... what advice does metafilter have for me?
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You can use this plugin or this plugin to do what you want. For the second, have a look at this article, which I found very useful in a "how to bend a WP membership plugin to your will" sort of way.
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I use Wordpress Register Plus and it works well.

Available here.

Under wp-admin | plugins | Add New- you can search for plugins and typically install them right from the backend.
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