Is the 1967 program "Our World" available anywhere?
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Where can one see/obtain the full version world's first live international satellite broadcast "Our World"? Does footage still exist besides the easy-to-find Beatles segment?

More info on Wikipedia.

This show seems like it would be a treasure. I can find very little info about it. I'm coming up empty after searches for a copy of the whole program. I've looked on the usual video sites, Google, BBC and I suspect part of the problem is the generic nature of the title, which is shared with other programs, and the overwhelming noise of the Beatles references. Nothing seems to have been issued for sale.

I must be missing something. Anybody have any clues?
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I imagine it hasn't been issued for sale since it was obviously very much of its' time - and aside from the Beatles, I doubt many people would be interested in the goings on of the Vienna Opera House in 1967.

You could always ask the BBC Archive folks - - they might have plans to issue some of the footage (sans Beatles)
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Thanks, but: If we're speculating on interest level, the other guests were hardly obscure then or now, and the idea that it was so much of its time because of the concept behind it is exactly why it is such an intriguing document. I already have an email in with the BBC.

Anybody ever seen it? Leads? Thanks!
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