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Help me keep my non-profit Facebook page separate from my personal account

Help. I am trying to do massive edits and do settings changes on my non profit Facebook page. When I export photos to Facebook for the NP, they show up in my personal page. When I make a settings change it automatically defaults back to my personal page. How can I create some degree of separation between my personal and non profit pages?
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I believe you should have created a personal account for the Non-Profit and then created their Fan Page.

Since you are using your personal account with a "business" page - you're the owner.

You can email support or open a ticket and they should be able to manipulate page ownership. You'll need another account first.

I found out that you could create a business site without having a personal account but you lose some functionality. I want to merge them so we're kind of in the same boat with ownership issues.
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Are you doing all your Page edits on the Page itself? I haven't had this problem with my personal account and my work Page.
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When I export photos to Facebook for the NP, they show up in my personal page.

I think I know what you're talking about, the Facebook iPhone app won't let me update the page I maintain for my local mosque. But as long as I use my desktop web browser, my personal account and org page never touch. Can you just manually add those photos?
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