Help me find a therapist in NYC. A therapist that accepts Cigna.
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I am interested in Behavior Modification therapy. I have previously been prescribed medication for depression and adhd. What I had suspected to be depression for several years seemed to actually be undiagnosed adhd. It took me several years to get to that conclusion. I had been prescribed Wellbutrin and for the first time ever I was actually able to focus and work straight – without becoming distracted. It was amazing. Unfortunately I also ended up having a panic attack and being rage-y and more emotional than ever. I quit all medications a that point.

A few years later I started to see a psych who prescribed Adderal XL 5mg and Lexapro. He also told me that I just needed to try harder. I quit him and the meds and went to another psych who prescribed Adderal 10 mg. This worked for a while. I was actually calmer and focused. But I never wanted to eat or sleep (until Fridays – then I would crash). I’m 5 “4” and weigh 110 lbs. Can’t afford to lose weight. I wanted to smoke a lot more as well. This doc also always seemed to be rolling her eyes as I talk which really bothered me. So I quit both.

The areas I would like to focus on are attention, focus, motivation. With the possibility of dealing with the more obviously emotional issues that I am carrying around.

Any good recs? Bonus if they are located in Midtown. The Cigna website has a bunch of wrong information on it.
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Wow, are you me? :) I was just diagnosed with ADHD this summer, after years of depression. I currently take Wellbutrin and Ritalin SR, but we might be changing that to Adderal - luckily, I don't have the sleep/rage-y issues (so far).

Not a therapist recommendation, but have you read "Delivered from Distraction"? I've read the authors' first book - "Driven to Distraction", and it was really good. I think that "Delivered..." is more about self-help than "Driven..." - I'm planning to read it. Also, "You Mean I'm Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy" has a whole program that you can follow.
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WellButrin / Zyban is also an anti-depressant, commonly prescribed to treat depression. Behavior Modification Therapy would treat either. Have you looked into Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? This, along with something mild like Wellbutrin or Prozac could do wonders. To be perfectly honest, if someone is rolling their eyes, they may be questioning their judgement. This therapy is all about re-considering your judgments. It did wonders for me personally.
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I also struggle with PTSD, anxiety, and major depression. I have had GREAT success with a Cognitive Behavior Therapy (also CBT) group I was in. We learned ways to distract from our obsessive thoughts, to improve difficult moments, how and why to avoid triggers.... The group went on for several years, and was amazing!

Now I am in a Circle Of Life group (created by Rebecca McLean)

It is a very new way of setting goals and meeting them. I have learned a great deal about myself in this group.

I took both of them through the VA hospital with our awesome psycho-social therapist in addition to individual meeting with her.

Find a therapist AND doctor you can trust! Read the Patients' Bill of Rights, which should be posted at your hospital and/or clinic. Keep searching until you find a doctor who listens and wants to help, and a therapist who gets you, and who can challenge you and call you on your own stuff, if needed. You MUST take your mental health into your own hands, or you will continue to just get what you're given.

(Medically, I was on Prozac for over 10 years before it lost effectiveness. Then I tried several meds to find one that works for me. I'm on Effexor now, and have supplemented with Lithium for a while. I feel good as long as I take it! Know that meds WILL eventually not work, or your body chemistry may change, and you will have to get a new med or different prescription amount. It's ok, it happens a LOT and is normal.)
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