How do I copy the contents from Excel to Word without the formatting?
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Does anyone know how to remove the formatting (for lack of better expression) column borders that accompany text when I paste it from Excel to Word? I've checked both Word & Excel help to no avail, probably because I can't frame the question very well. Thanks.
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That lack of good framing is impeding me, too.

Would you care to make some screenshots available that show exactly what it is you're trying to get rid of?
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I think you probably want "Convert Table to Text" under Tools (IIRC) in Word.

(I've only got Word 2007 here, so can't test... I presume you're on an earlier version?)
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I suggest you explore the various options available when you perform a Paste Special.
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Paste Special might help to paste it as text, not an embedded spreadsheet object. Or like pompomtom says.
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Yeah paste it, as text only. You can click the little menu that comes up after a paste and select it.
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If you find yourself using this a lot, here's a way of setting it up as a keyboard shortcut (I have mine set up as Shift-Control-V).
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thanks, everyone.
just as suggested here, i selected the text from excel, copied it, pulled down paste special in word, selected unformatted text, and then bingo, clean text.
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If you need to do it often and into different programs, try PureText. Win+V will paste plain text by default.
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