what happened to the July 6 '09 Newsweek?
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What were the cover and content of the Newsweek July 6 '09 issue?

We came back from summer vacation and the July 13th issue was delivered to our address, but not the 6th? On google there is some reference to the "double issue July 6/13" but there is no indication in the July 13th issue that it is a double? Was it a special issue devoted to Michael Jackson that came out on the 6th? To add to the mystery, our county library subscribes to Newsweek in all its branches; no branch received the July 6th issue.
Thanks, hive mind!
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You could go to their website, choose subscriber services, and complain you didn't receive the July 6th issue. That will either result in getting another issue added on, or them telling you it doesn't exist. (Or option 3, where there wasn't an issue but their web page isn't smart enough to know that.)
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Apparently, it was one of Newsweek's double issues, they have them a couple times a year.
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Best answer: I went and looked up Newsweek in one of the databases we have in the library. These are the issues that have been printed in the last few weeks

Sept 7, 2009; Vol.154, Issue 10
August 31, 2009; Vol.154, Issue 09
August 17, 2009; Vol.154, Issue 07
August 3, 2009; Vol.154, Issue 05
July 27, 2009; Vol.154, Issue 04
July 20, 2009; Vol.154, Issue 03
July 13, 2009; Vol.154, Issue 02
June 29, 2009; Vol.153, Issue 26
June 22, 2009; Vol.153, Issue 25

So they print 26 issues every half year. The half year ends at the end of June. The first issue of their new year is in mid-July. This is consistent with last year...

Sept 1, 2008; Vol.152, Issue 09
August 25, 2008; Vol.152, Issue 08
August 11, 2008; Vol.152, Issue 06
August 4, 2008; Vol.152, Issue 05
July 28, 2008; Vol.152, Issue 04
July 21, 2008; Vol.152, Issue 03
July 14, 2008; Vol.152, Issue 2
June 30, 2008; Vol.151, Issue 26
June 23, 2008; Vol.151, Issue 25
June 16, 2008; Vol.151, Issue 24

You are not missing an issue.
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Response by poster: Thanks for everyone's help.
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