What are my options for web translation these days?
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What options do I have for web translation?

I'd like to link my website's visitors to translations of the page in question. What can I use for this? Ideally I'd like to have a drop down menu appear at the top of each page with language options. But I'm not sure which service to use, or whether there's something I can install on my server. I know Google's pretty much the most widely-used these days, but I'd like to give some attention to alternatives, particularly if they're open source.

Originally I was just planning on adding the translation links by hand, like so, but there's probably a more sophisticated solution. Also, it's a WordPress site, but the solutions don't have to be specifically for WordPress -- in fact I've looked through all the widgets and the plugins and I haven't really found one I liked yet.

What are your recommendations?
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Here might be a wordpress plugin that does what you want. Here's a review of many translation related plugins.
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I think might have to end up coding this myself after all, but the Global Translator plugin pointed me in the direction of some alternative translation engines. Thanks!
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