Veterinarians and Cell Phones in New London NH
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New London NH filter: Question about cell phone coverage and veterinary services in New London NH specifically.

We're moving to New London in less than a month. I need info on two things, specifically about New London NH (not the whole Upper Valley).

(1) What are the best and most reliable cell phone carriers? We currently have AT&T but spouse couldn't get reception in our house during our home inspection 2 weeks ago. Neither could our realtor (Verizon) or the other realtor (US Cellular). Maybe our house is a dead-zone, which would be a massive bummer, but I'm hoping it was either a fluke or T-Mobile or Sprint or another carrier is the answer.

(2) We have an English bulldog who's had cancer and chemo and we need a good vet as close as possible to New London NH who handles emergencies outside business hours at the same location. (That may sound odd but where we live now, emergency trips are over an hour away although our regular vet is 15 mins away, which is crazy-making when a pet is suffering.)

Thanks much for any and all help, opinions, suggestions!
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I am often in the New London area visiting relatives and my experience with both AT&T & Verizon has been similarly spotty. I don't know anyone around there to that uses either Sprint or T Mobile, for what that's worth. There's a T Mobile store in West Lebanon if you want to check with them, though.

I'm afraid I can't help much on the vet front, but given the kind of town New London is, your odds of finding what you're looking for may be fairly decent.
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This place is new and may suit your needs. I take my dog to the River Road Vet Clinic, and have only taken her to Burlington, VT for serious emergencies (before the new hospital was there).
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Cell service is very spotty throughout the Upper Valley/New London area. When I lived in Hanover, NH, the nearest AT&T store (which was in Concord) recommended a Nokia phone that was able to get service where my old LG didn't. Might be worth asking about.
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