How to do a unicorn-themed party?
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Unicorn party! Please help with ideas.

My kid's turning 1 and I'd like to do a unicorn themed birthday party (assume that the party will be mainly adults). My ideas so far include using yellow party hats and have a horn decorating table with sparkles and glitter and stuff, having a unicorn pinata, and making cupcakes with some sort of unicorn horn.

I don't care about unicorn themed plates/tablecloth.

Any other ideas? Ideas about how to create unicorn horns out of something other than Bugles or tiny candy corns?

Thanks for making this an awesome party that my son will never remember.
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There are a bunch of recipes for ice cream cone cupcakes out there. You could take one of them, which likely uses the standard, flatbottomed cake cone, and adapt it for use in a more cone-shaped cake cone. Huzzah! Unicorn horns for all!
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As soon as I saw this question I thought, "Unicorn horn cupcakes!" But it looks like you've already got that figured out :o)

If there's any kids - or maybe even adults would want to play - you could do Pin the Tail (or Horn) on the Unicorn, or some sort of ring-toss game with a unicorn horn as the goal. Should also be easy to find a unicorn piƱata at a decent party store.
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Cream Horns... just google for other variations on the recipe
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Doe Deere posted about her handmade unicorn costume; I can't imagine you getting a 1 year old to wear a horn like that, but maybe you can take some inspiration from it.

It appears these people used tiny ice cream cone candies to simulate horns on cupcakes. If you somehow frosted a simple cartoon unicorn face onto the cupcake, one of those swirly-striped birthday candles would make a great horn.

Pin the horn on the unicorn?
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I strongly suggest a large, hollow horn with snacks spilling from it onto a platter. Put a small sign about it which says "UNICORNUCOPIA."
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Unicorn Pops!
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If you are going to make cupcakes, you should totally separate out & dye the batter at make rainbow cupcakes. Takes time but totally worth the effort.

For favors - Unicorn chocolate lollipops! (I'd use white chocolate)
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There are at least two famous unicorn tapestries: one depicting a unicorn hunt and a set of six in Paris called Lady and the Unicorn.

You could look at these or use images from them for invitations if you were feeling ambitious. You could also go for a whole medieval theme, or include elements from the scenes. For example, the Lady and the Unicorn series is full of bunnies, for some reason. There are a bunch of bunnies in the background of each tapestry. At that museum's shop (and maybe elsewhere), you can buy a set of folding blank cards featuring different bunnies from the unicorn tapestry.

You could also focus on different alleged properties of the unicorn or its horn.
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For hors d'oeuvres you could pass out plates with a single kernel of corn... then wait for the sad trombone sounds.
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ROAU is another image that if you like could be used somehow, maybe for JB's idea of pin-the-tail or other elements.
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Oh, hey, if we're suggesting funky, don't forget to ask yourself What Would Neil Patrick Harris do? I think there might be a party game in there somewhere.
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nuclear_soup, great ideas, but most of our baby friends (and ourselves) are pretty dye-paranoid. :)
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I'm a teacher - and just to warn you, if you bring glitter into your house, it will never. go. away. Not sure if tiny flecks of whatever it's made of are harmful, but insanity-creating they are, my friend, when a year later you find some in your shoes, or on the back of your nice suit.

Glitter-ish type things, like paste-on shiny stars or whatever, are easier. But if you can't pick them up with two fingers: they are too small and will live in your house forever.
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Well, you could listen to music by The Unicorns while partying.
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We make 'unicorn horns' out of the Pillsbury crescent rolls (I stuff them with small pieces of ham and cheese) and have them for dinner as a surprise for the kids. Stupid easy and quick, and it's pretty tasty, too.
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Amazon has a unicorn cookie cutter (or if you're not into playing Martha, you can probably get your local bakery to just spray a unicorn picture onto regular sugar cookies).

If you scroll down on this page, there are a bunch of pretty nifty ideas on what to serve at a unicorn party (punch, chocolate dipped pretzel sticks as fairy wands, star-shaped Rice Krispy Treats!)

And here are unicorn cupcakes. :)
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Um, *no* glitter. Seriously. One is a little young and that crap gets and sticks EVERYWHERE. Maybe tinfoil if they won't eat it - unicorn horn tinfoil hats.

There you go, if you don't mind 'wasting' tinfoil, put blindfolds on the adults and make them make tinfoil unicorn-horn hats (full hat with a point on it). Prize for the [best/worst/banana shaped/whatever].

Pictures or it didn't happen. ;P
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If you happen to have an iPhone, the Younicorn app creates some pretty amusing photos.
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